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Hey Sup guys! Vol 24 for this week. Hope u guys can enjoy it and check out the last scene about Sand King and Windrunner, how pathetic the windrunner was, when she spammed so many arrow shoots. XD Again, there had been some Youtube users that stole our names to post videos as well as our videos from the Youku (our official page) and used the videos without our permission. Kindly refrain from doing that from now on as we are going back right on scheduele. Please support the WodotA official Youtube channel and we will continue doing our best job for u guys!:)

Btw guys for any enquiries on our T-shirts/ pillows or become our international agent, please drop me a message or add me at or Skype me @ xxdongxiangxx and i will get back to u guys as soon as possible! 🙂

Once again WoDota would like to thank for u guys support and please continue to support us! 🙂

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here is the rule:
1. If you want to send your replays, send them in an email as attachments to (please notice that we changed the email address, this is different from the previous one, this is not a website so that you don’t need to know any Chinese to send your replays).
2. Please include the war3 version (be specific) and map version, a brief description of what happened at when (tell me the replay time at the right bottom but not the game time at the right top) in your email.[And include Your Country Name]
3. Don’t upload your replays to websites such as and tell me to download from there, otherwise your replays would be ignored.
4. Read FAQ in my channel description before you want to ask any quesitions.
Thank you 🙂


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