Download Microsoft Powerpoint 2010 for FREE on Windows

Microsoft Powerpoint 2010 free download on Windows 10, 8 and 7. If you’re looking for a free Microsoft Powerpoint download on your PC, this video is for you! This tutorial takes you, step-by-step, through the procedure of downloading the full, licensed version of Microsoft Powerpoint 2010 on your PC. I really hope this works for you guys. I worked really hard on this video so if it helped you please consider subscribing and sharing this video to help it get more attention! Thanks, and as always, stay awesome.

You’re going to need these download links:

Microsoft Powerpoint 2010 Download (PC)


PowerISO (PC)

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About Microsoft Powerpoint 2010:
Microsoft PowerPoint is a presentation program developed by the Microsoft company for Windows and Mac OS operating systems. It is integrated into the office suite called Microsoft Office as one more element, which can take advantage of the advantages offered by the other components of the computer to obtain an optimal result.

PowerPoint is one of the most widespread presentation programs. It is widely used in different fields of education, business, among others. According to figures from Microsoft, approximately 30,000,000 presentations with PowerPoint (PPT) are produced every day.

It is a program designed to make presentations with schematized text, as well as presentations in slides, text animations and images pre-designed or imported from images of the computer. Different font, template and animation designs can be applied. This type of presentation is usually more practical than Microsoft Word.

With PPT and the appropriate printing devices, you can perform many types of results related to presentations: transparencies, documents printed by presenters, notes and diagrams for the presenter, or 35 mm standard slides.

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