Download Over 1,000 FREE High Quality Photoshop BRUSHES! Don't Miss Out!

Don’t miss out on these free high-quality Photoshop Brushes from Adobe.

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00:28 – Where To Download The Free Photoshop Brushes
04:00 – How To Organize Your Brushes with a CC Library


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● Photoshop video tutorials by Jesus Ramirez

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40 thoughts on “Download Over 1,000 FREE High Quality Photoshop BRUSHES! Don't Miss Out!”

  1. Still using CS6. Not a subscriber or a renter of tools. So, unfortunately, unable to download the brushes.

    BTW, Jesus, have you tried Affinity Photo? It's a fantastic alternative to Photoshop, and does not require monthly subscription – rather a very affordable perpetual license for just $50. Nice.

  2. Question is there a way of downloading these brushes into Affinity Photo an other plugins intended for Photoshop? I use the old Photoshop CS6 Extended [mostly now for wanting to paint 3D models for such software as Lightwave 3D an Hitfilm Pro 3. I don't to pay for the online CC subscription rather own my software than pay to use; however my CS6 extended is getting old which is the reason I'm considering Affinity.

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