Elite Dangerous Review

Elite Dangerous is a space sim about living in a futuristic Milky Way galaxy completely to scale. Now that’s cosmic horror. The review also touches on Horizons and Beyond.
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Big thanks to Kreal Tube for his contribution(?).
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Also yes that might be Sseth on the comm.

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40 thoughts on “Elite Dangerous Review”

  1. We really need to start up a project that takes dead MMORPG’s and turn them into a virtual server rpg- I think preservation of such forgettable games is incredibly important to gaming history

  2. With all due respect you forgot to mention very best thing in the game.

    When you had enough of grinding for money you just grab a ship, outfit it for jumping and refueling and just go to … wherever you want. You look at the sky, pick something and just fucking go. It is so relaxing, and beautiful, this is where the game truly shines.

    Try it out.

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