Elite Dangerous Review

Elite Dangerous is a space sim about living in a futuristic Milky Way galaxy completely to scale. Now that’s cosmic horror. The review also touches on Horizons and Beyond.
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Big thanks to Kreal Tube for his contribution(?).
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Also yes that might be Sseth on the comm.

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  1. The server options are interesting because one is invitation-only and you might find your brand of space geek x30,000. And there were the silly voice packs – remember the old shout interface? – where you can give voice commands and listen to Brian Blessed or William Shatner respond. Yeah, it's dumb but I was bored. It's a shame because my first 4x online space game was Kesmai's Stellar Emperor on CompuServe in '85 which, although a text game (CIS prohibited online games with graphics) was more interesting. Plus crazy Ted Nugent was REALLY into that game.

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