32 thoughts on “He Gave Me CURSED Textures To Make Me LOSE in Minecraft!

  1. Poke! I found a boy on the server named Dave, he is rich but depressed, I feel like he’s hiding something because I left his house but started laughing, YOU NEED TO CHECK IT OUT

  2. Title: he gave me cursed items to lose in minecraft!

    Another title a few weeks ago: I gave him cursed items to make him LOSE in minecraft

    Paul: revenge

  3. Poke. An amazing person who puts smiles on our faces. By vlogging. Filming Minecraft. Or even getting into drama with roblox greatest golddiggers! Ive been here with you from when youve had 100,000 subscribers!! Now your on the toad to 4 million! Youve shown so much effort and improvment to both of your channels, i cant even say how I want you to get 10M subs! I lovee you so much! (Obviously not in "that"way)

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