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BearAlMighty playing StarCraft II: Nova Covert Ops from Blizzard.

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The HERC or herc was a terran unit that was to be introduced in Legacy of the Void, produced from the barracks. It was cancelled during the game’s development.

Rig startup complete
Alright let’s get cracking.
Speak up, boss
I read ya
Alright man whatcha need?
Hmm, what?
You got some work for me?
Finally, some work orders
Yeah, come on, what?
Yeah, what’s up tough guy?
Oh well not doing so hot over here, boss!
Hey, things are getting real, real fast here!
Alrighty, I’m moving
Got it
Oh, I see it
Book’n and hook’n
Hey, you’re the boss
Site’s this way
Heading that way
Hey, no problemo
No skin off my back
This guy’s in for a shock
Let’s crack ’em a part
Sizzlin’ time!
Love this part
Sparking up
Arc’s alight
Who wanted ten thousand volts o’ pain?
That one, huh?
Hey, you plan on spitting it out any time soon? I’m on the clock
So what, I’m in the army now? Man, you guys are taking everyone, huh?
Alright. Space mining 101. They call this badboy an ARC gun. You point it an asteroid, squeeze the trigger, and BLAM, nothing but meteors alright
I figure if it can crack open an asteroid, it can damn sure crack open a zerg, right?
Oh, hold on a second, if you think you need to puke while you’re in deep space, don’t. Seriously, it goes nowhere, and yet, everywhere. It’s all kinds of messed up, one time it got my socks
Oh and to be clear, this whole “leap on a guy and shock ’em to death” thing is definitely against the safety protocols i’m just sayin’
You drill, you drop the nuke, and you leave. In that order, don’t screw that up
Hey! Don’t push me around like I’m one of your military men. I’m a miner, not a major
Oh, i got real work to do, commander. Can’t just sit here jabbering all day
Man that hurts

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