31 thoughts on “How To Download WELCOME TO THE GAME 2 for FREE | PC Tutorial | 2018

  1. the game is installed, i open the app, but there is no menu to start the game, it's only noir mask and his girl's, no option to start the game..

  2. For some reason when I put the graphics on Potato it just made everything including the text so big that it ruined my game. Even when I try uninstalling it still does the same exact thing again. How to fix?

  3. bro can you make a how to download 3:00 a.m at krusty krabs for free when i chek it on the main webstie i have to pay so please make a tutorial Please

  4. first of all why does the game lag like crazy when i open it? and second when i click new game it crashes or just lag. how do i fix that?

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