How to fix 500 internal server error in Google chrome

How to fix 500 internal server error in Google chrome-500 internal server error-internal server error 500-http 500 internal server error-500 internal server error web server cannot perform this request. please try again later-server error 500.

I get the following error message/notification while try to access my google chrome browser as incognito mode:

Server Error

500 – Internal server error.

There is a problem with the resource you are looking for, and it cannot be displayed.

This error solution is common for android,windows 7,windows 8,windows 8.1,windows 10 also and the problem is mainly occurred in google chrome,mozilla firefox,safari and sometime internet explorer also.

This error solution is also common for youtube,facebook,google,twitter,wordpress,godaddy,php,hostgator,cpanel,globe,ajax,web api,htaccess.


1.Click “Not secure” icon and goto “site settings”.

2.Now choose”Keep local data only until you quit your browser” option.

3.Finally again goto reload the tab without using ”

4.Now the problem is solved.


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