How To Remove The Background From An Image (PowerPoint 2019)

Learn how to remove the background from an image in PowerPoint 2019 using either the set transparent color command (to remove white backgrounds) or the remove background tool (to remove complicated backgrounds)… no Photoshop required!

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1:18 Method #1: Set Transparent Color
1:57 Examples of backgrounds that don’t work
2:32 Method #2: Remove background tool
3:17 Mark areas to keep (mark areas to remove)
4:11 Removing a complicated image background
6:02 Resetting your picture background
6:34 Limitations of the remove background tool
7:08 Summary of these two PowerPoint tricks
7:37 Advanced picture effect examples

For a step-by-step walk through of removing an image background (w/ pictures), see my blog post below.


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To learn how to crop photos in PowerPoint, check out our blog post below.

Method #1: Set Transparent Color

1. Picture tools Format Tab
2. Color
3. Set Transparent Color

This method is the fastest way to remove a white background from an image like in a stock photo or product demonstration photo (or any other type of image where the background is a solid white color).

The key here is that the background needs to be clean and crisp to properly remove the white background. If it is a gradient or a close color to the bit of the photo you want to keep, you will need to use the remove background tool.

Method #2: The remove background tool

1. Picture tools format tab
2. Remove background

This is the best way to remove complex picture backgrounds in PowerPoint 2019.

Selecting the command, PowerPoint turns your image magenta. It’s important to remember that whatever is magenta is what PowerPoint will remove from your picture, while whatever is not colored is what PowerPoint will keep.

PowerPoint usually does a good job at guessing what you want to remove, but if it doesn’t get it correct you can use the two tools to help PowerPoint out.

1. Mark areas to keep
2. Mark areas to remove


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