Minecraft Mod Showcase: Custom NPCs! (Make your own NPCS, Quests, and Adventures!)

THIS IS BY FAR MY FAVORITE MOD! The Custom NPC mod allows you to create as many of your own customizable NPCS as you want, quest characters, boss monsters or just townsfolk!

Download the mod here:

The video that covers everything:

Send stuff: PO Box 134 Fletcher NC 28732
Dweller Channel Extension:
Secondary Channel:

Intro and outro music is Adventure Time by Rogue, supplied by Monstercat media. Download the album here:

The music in this video comes from the in-game Minecraft soundtrack. If you want it for your own use, you can download it here: Purchase it to support the artist!

Nguồn: https://nasibbitar.net/

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35 thoughts on “Minecraft Mod Showcase: Custom NPCs! (Make your own NPCS, Quests, and Adventures!)

  1. Bad thing is that if the npc does something I lag so badly, when i close minecraft my computer lags on any app so I always have to restart my computer after I close the app.

  2. Can someone please help me??? I downloaded Npcs mod for 1.12.2 and everything works fine, but none of the tools, armor, or misc shows up… do you think I'm doing anything wrong??

  3. Hello. Idk if this is the right channel but, If so could I use this mod for my youtube channel? I would give credits and link to ur channel and download link (again, this probably isn't the right channel but idc)

  4. I really want this for iOS, (iPad) because I’m so desperate plus every other device is rather taken, does not work, or yeah, but there’s just not any way to get this mod on iPad.

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