My Thoughts OnThe Nintendo Switch Lite…

Today Nintendo finally revealed the Nintendo Switch Lite and it’s exactly what I thought it would be. Will you be getting the portable only Nintendo Switch? Will you be getting a second Nintendo Switch? Let’s discuss.
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44 thoughts on “My Thoughts OnThe Nintendo Switch Lite…”

  1. They should have had a 1080p screen and some kind of cable to connect it to a T.V. Also at least 64g of memory. I mean my 200$ smart phone has all that along with being a phone, the battery also lasts at least 10 hours XD I bet if they released both versions and charged 300$ for the 1080p 64g, connectable version, nearly everyone would buy that instead.

  2. The Switch lite reminds me of the Wii-U game pad shell that was redesigned for the Switch hardware. With me I am not going to get this or the revision Switch that is coming out Next month because right now I am saving up for the PS5. If a Switch pro were to come out I would get that.

  3. No dock mode and no detatchable joycons means it's not even a switch anymore. What's the point? This is a complete waste, how is the regular Switch not better in every possible way?

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