My Thoughts OnThe Nintendo Switch Lite…

Today Nintendo finally revealed the Nintendo Switch Lite and it’s exactly what I thought it would be. Will you be getting the portable only Nintendo Switch? Will you be getting a second Nintendo Switch? Let’s discuss.
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44 thoughts on “My Thoughts OnThe Nintendo Switch Lite…”

  1. @1:59 not that much smaller really (which would be the point of getting one, a SUBSTANTIALLY smaller size, it's not it), @2:14 barely any increase in battery life (the other only reason to get one, a SUBSTANTIAL increase in battery life per charge), no detachable joy-cons, not dockable, no HD rumble, no kickstand, no infrared camera; right.. @1:20 "pretty cool", @9:15 "Nintendo hit it out of the park".. 🙄. Oh yeah.. it's cheaper.. not cheap enough though, imo, I think Nintendo blew it, this Switch Lite shouldn't exist imo, not as it is anyway.

  2. I have one question about switch lite. Is what about the joy con drift issue. It looks like the same type of joystick. So if the new switch has the problem then are people to have to keep sending it back to Nintendo or buy a whole new switch.

    Also if the animal crossing has no cloud save then people are just screwed

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