Panasonic GX800 4K LED Ultra HD TV

The GX800 features much of our best picture tech at a great price.

With our HCX picture processor, this slim-line design 4K LED TV features HDR Bright Panel Plus to optimise all the details of 4K resolution.

Dolby Vision™ & HDR10+ Dynamic Metadata means you get the best from UHD Blu-ray discs & 4K video streaming services. While Dolby Atmos® creates an immersive home cinema sound with a compatible soundbar.

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20 thoughts on “Panasonic GX800 4K LED Ultra HD TV”

  1. Best value Tv by far 58inch for under grand Va panel 2.1 hdmi and match qled on colour could well be £599 this time next year

  2. The local dimming part is very misleading, its my understanding this tv only has global dimming…which means the entire frame is dimmed as opposed to the video showing FALD zones dimming.

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