Starcraft LotV Nova Covert Ops – Enemy Intelligence (Brutal, All Achievements + Bonus)

Starcraft Nova Covert Ops Master Archives, Enemy Intelligence

Main Objectives:
Part 1
-Garrison units inside buildings.
Part 2
-Reach Communications Hub.
-Reach Command Room.
-Nova must survive.

Bonus objective completed:
-Rescue survivors.

Achievements completed:
-Enemy Intelligence–Complete the “Enemy Intelligence” mission in Nova Covert Ops.
-Bunker Rush–Completely fill two garrisons within 10 minutes of the “Enemy Intelligence” mission.
-The Invisible Woman–Do not kill any Defenders of Man forces in the “Enemy Intelligence” mission on Normal difficulty or higher.
-Less is More–Do not exceed 35 supply in the first stage of the “Enemy Intelligence” mission on Hard difficulty or higher.


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