35 thoughts on “Testing Cheap Adjustable Wrenches | Armstrong vs Tekton vs Harbor Freight Pittsburgh

  1. I have the 18" adjustable wrench. Not bad for the money. Not the greatest or strongest, but decent wrench to get the job done. I reviewed it on my channel.

  2. I'm almost positive that the Armstrong Wrench has a W. F near the end of the handle. Western Forge ( used to make tools for Craftsman) is the last American tool company that makes adjustable wrenches in the USA.

  3. Cool you were able to get that comparison video done before the truck owner came back to his truck to shoo you off! I have a bunch of Crescent USA nutrounders, don't think I've paid for a single one. A refrigerator repair man left one at our house and 15 mins later when I called him he said "keep it". the rubber end was a little messed up so i cut it off, and regretted it, because the "Crescent USA" was on the rubber, but NOT stamped on the tool so now it looks like a generic made in china one. Should have just xacto knifed the bad part off instead of the whole grip. Why is stamping going the way of the dodo?

  4. Dude. I'm really curious what you do for a living. Every single video you're in that damn international. Get back to me bro, love your channel keep it up.

  5. Hey mdlee52 was wondering how you can set up the amazon.com store front with your name I want to set my own Amazon store front up with tools I recommend but not sure how to do so

  6. I'm very partial to the Tekton tools man. I wish they had more USA made stuff, but I love their website with the rewards program. And I've never had to but I fear their warranty process is very simple

  7. Great video thanks brother. I like the comparison. I think at 200 ft. Pounds it's in the grip. I really wouldn't want something cutting into my hand with or without gloves. I like that they didn't open up. Keep up the great work see you in the next video thanks again brother

  8. I have a really cheap set of adjustable end wrenches and they're terrible. I'm in the market for a new set. You gave me something to think about, thanks.

  9. I dont use adjustable wrenches very often but i could see the value in the armstrong. usa for the win! great comparison.

  10. Really nice review. 200 lbs of torque is a lot for a small 1/2 inch handle!!
    I used one from channellock a few days ago and it was really good. Maybe a bit more expensive but the quality is there.
    Thanks for the video 👍👍

  11. Oh the sale on gear wrench is still going on this month at advance auto parts.
    Along with a bogo on brake clean. I usually buy at least 4 cases of brake clean during the bogo' S. Huffing ain't easy!

  12. Armstrong is an industrial standard tool company so they are built to keep American companies in business. Not the story with Apex Tools as they shut down Armstrong and Allen to save a dime. Apex will warranty out the Armstrong for a Gearwrench, but it won't be near the wrench (or any tool for that matter) that the Armstrong was.

  13. Your signature intro… "Yeah, whatever" 🤣 too funny… When you said you had a favorite I thought you were leaning towards the Pittsburgh cause of the handle, looks like you'd have a better grip cause of the material. Tata… for now 😄

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