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This War of Mine: Final Cut is a free content update to the Steam version of the game adding a new character, new classic scenario, and more quests and events on the locations known from Stories episode. Maps from Stories DLC packs are transferred to the original game and we’re not stopping there. Final Cut brings graphics overhaul with 4K UI adjustments, remastered versions of all the classic levels and 21:9 aspect ratio support. On top of that, those who want to hit-up the notes of nostalgia can play This War of Mine in its plain, “vanilla” version straight outta the year 2014. What’s worth mentioning is that all major bugs will be still fixed and This War of Mine will be supported by our technical and engine teams.

A detailed list of changes and additions:

Major changes and new content:
– One new classic scenario
– All locations from TWoM Stories added to the original game
– New quests and Events on Stories locations
– Remastered versions of all the classic locations
– A brand-new character
– Vanilla version of the game*

Minor changes and tweaks:
– 64bit and 32bit version
– 21:9 aspect ratio support
– 4k UI adjustments
– new main menu
– additional smaller bugfixes and tweaks

To launch the Original version of This War of Mine:
1. Right-click on the game in your Steam Library.
2. Go to Properties and then Betas tab.
3. From the drop-down list, choose ‘vanilla – This War of Mine: Original Release 1.0’
4. Close the window and update the game

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Video credits:
Editing: Dawid Kurowski
Scripting: Rufus Kubica,
Additional scripting: Patryk Grzeszczuk, Dawid Kurowski

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    우연치고는 너무 좋은 행운이군요.

  2. Hey guys! Just wanted to let u know that there is a glitch. In the map where the last broadcast took place (the house esma and her husband slept in) there is no way to build the swings when playing the little ones

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