43 thoughts on “Top 10 Best Games By Tencent For Android/iOS 2019

  1. As a Chinese, I want to tell you about the 4 best mobile games in this game company. I don't think you know this company very well.
    ①和平精英(pubg mobileChinese Server)
    ②王者荣耀(king of gory)
    ③穿越火线手游(Cross Fire)
    ④QQ飞车手游(speed drifters,This game lags behind many versions of Chinese servers.)

  2. I don't know why everytime I play action rpg I don't feel like I was fighting. the movement of your character your enemy and your skill power..it look terrible even the graphics is top class and the skill effect is ultra.. Except for Hundred soul action rpg is different it very good in action I feel like in real fight especially when I fighting strong bosses.. Finally I found. Decent action rpg But too bad its not open world game and not a real time Gameplay.. 😒

  3. I was trying to get dragon raja from the AppStore after changing my location but when trying to download I get a message saying my account is not valid for use in the Chinese store. Do I need a vpn or a new Apple ID?

  4. Hi Guys, Check my hyper casual android game called Endless in google play. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.challengem3games.endless

    It's a hyper-casual game where the player has to control a squircle with their finger and guide it through obstacles. The game has collectables like diamonds, score boosters and speed breakers.

    I have also added a shop with more than 50 items that can be bought with diamonds. Each skin in the shop has a different score boost (2x, 4x, etc) attached to it. Buy these skin to score more points and become the best.

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