Top Lane Master Yi is beyond BROKEN | Assassin Yi build | Bronze to Diamond Ep #04 League Of Legends

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Top Lane Master Yi is beyond Broken | Assassin Yi build | Bronze to Diamond Ep #04

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Hail of Blades #MasterYi vs #Mundo TOP Lane Build SoloQ Bronze Elo Hell To Diamond Ranked Season 9 Gameplay #LeagueOfLegends

You want the STRONGEST NEW RUNES Master Yi Season 9 Build for TOP/Jungle/MID? Enjoy:
Domination + Precision
For Domination:
– Hail of Blades (Insanely attack speed to finish off the target easily)
– Bone collector (Extra AD)
– Sudden Impact (Our full lethality build needs this)
– Ravenous Hunter (extra 14% spell vamp for better sustain)
For Precision:
– Overheal (Extra shield for better sustain)
– Legend: Bloodline (Extra %12 lifesteal)
Also you will get for:
DEFENSE: 6 armor
This runes will give you everything you need for Master yi to do insane damage!

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