46 thoughts on “WARNING: NOSTALGIA ALERT. Hello Nikki (Nikki Up2U2 World Traveler) Official Book Showcase

  1. There's a Nikki UP2U in my play store.
    It's called Nikki UP2U: A dressing story
    I checked just now

    Edit: there is one in English and one in Chinese

  2. And now I'm wondering if the lore is canon since we had a easter egg of hello nikki in 4 dreams, and there is a hair item that give us a hint about nikki's sister ._.

  3. honestly, I am super scared because they seized nikkup2u in 2016 a year after Miracle Nikki came out what if they seize Miracle Nikki or Love Nikki next year now that Shining Nikki is out?

  4. I now have a question: are there any suits in Love Nikki that pay tribute to Hello Nikki? Honestly that would be kinda cool!

  5. Long before i played love nikki (my country server), i often see love nikki up2u ads on facebook and some applications. I keep telling my self that the game is so boring, and thinking "who will play this game? This not even a game." then my friend show me that she play love nikki, and now love nikki is where all my money gone.

    #earlysquad (?)

  6. It's amazing to see how slightly different some of the designs are from what we have in Love Nikki but a majority of them are definitely in the game. 😃

    Thanks for sharing all the lovely designs I'm the book, Viv. 🥰

  7. I remember playing the first Love Nikki years ago but I unfortunately didn't get far because of a bug that would keep me stuck at the end of one the styling challenges. And unfortunately, there was nothing anyone could do no matter how many times I tried or reinstalled the app, so I deleted it 😣… I think it was the 16th mission 😅 (so yeah, not far lol)

    Doing 4 Dreams definitely brought back memories tho… no matter how short they were 🤣

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