30 thoughts on “WOW! FREE ELO CHAMPION! #1 WINRATE IN THE GAME! XIN ZHAO TOP GAMEPLAY! – League of Legends Gameplay

  1. I've seen some pretty stupid teams before — this one is close to the top. You definitely carried the day here. Hilarious video, as always!

  2. stop FUCKING making thumbnails with badass skins and using the default ur a successful youtuber for LEAGUE OF LEGENDS INVEST IN SOME FUCKING SKINS JESUS

  3. When pronouncing Asian languages similar to Chinese, Xs are pronounced like Sh, and Zh is pronounced as it looks, like a soft but grainy J.

  4. ,,we should all-in nami on level 2", DIES

    dude – who the hell would all-in nami early? – she can heal+speedbuff herself AND q you so you die to the adc 0_o

    what elo is dis?

  5. Idk why but i was dying at the beginning when you kept missing your W. Then irelia flashes mastery as if she is doing something right but shes just losing trades

  6. bro that haste thing ur sponsered by is bullshit i got it and i swear i have more lag. i died to a 400 ms jump and after the game it told me i had perfect connection that game. fucking weak yo

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