38 thoughts on “Yu-Gi-Oh! AGX: Abridged Generation X (Episode 32)

  1. damn I grew up on u seph when I was 9 but never have I imagined that I would see you Parody JoJo and LL in this great series while 18

  2. So…

    X's GX Abridged has Blonde Bimbo who has a thing with Syrus, who makes most Blonde Bimbos look smart.

    Sephirex's GX Abridged has Alexis with a thing for Jaden. Oh and he's going to likely finish his season similar to the actual show.

    How is X's Abridged better again?

    (Note: Not disrespecting either person, I am just pointing out the VASTLY different portrayals of Alexis in the two series are. One of which I hate!)

  3. كل الشخصيات جميلة ورائعة وأنا أعشقهم أحبكهم كثييييييييرا إلا فتات الظلام البشعة و المتعجرفة إليكسز

  4. I really love your works and I'm happy you're uploading episodes again. Also, TokuTenshi, congrats on the Production Baby! And out of curiosity, what was the name of the original song? I must know! XD

  5. After your complaints about Crowler hiring an assassin to kill Jaden, I'm surprised he kept his job as a teacher. If I were the principal, I'd fire him and have him arrested.

  6. Technically dark magician girl is everyone's fetish making it not a fetish that's like saying rapists like women so you share a fetish with a rapist it doesn't really work

  7. Yea congratulations on her baby. She did a really good job voicing Dark Magician Girl. And by the way having a thing for Dark Magician Girl is okay to have

  8. are we just getting episodes that were already made and than taken down or are we getting more and more episodes that were premade and just being put up?

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