Pittsburgh Professional CR-V Adjustable Wrench Review

Harbor Freight’s best adjustable wrenches 10in and 12in I also compare to Crescent it seems Harbor Freight has manage to get these to be worth exactly what they’re charging. Meaning they’re good for Harbor Freight but for just a few more dollars you can get a genuine Crescent wrench.
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20 thoughts on “Pittsburgh Professional CR-V Adjustable Wrench Review”

  1. Thanks again for another great review,CM! Another difference in the wrenches is that the Crescent jaws form a V-shaped grip opening to engage a bolt head on 4 sides where as the Pittsburgh only grips on 3 sides. Many better open-end wrenches have this feature also. Some of those only engage 2 sides.

  2. I've had a 4 piece set from Blue Point, adjustable Wrenches 4 Numerous years now, they are Chrome 12" 10" 8" & 6", I paid $160 on the Snap-on truck, I can deduce them 2 be 1 solid purchase of a lifetime, furthermore, 4" Blue Point was 32 bucks, makes me afraid 2 lose it. Thank U 4 ur time!!!

  3. I have a work environment where tools are stolen. It sounds like the Pittsburgh adjustable wrenches would work in my environment.

  4. Hm, learned some tips on using the adjustable wrench (didn't know about the tweaking one way before the other in breaking bolts) so thanks for that. Can't wait for the Power Tool video.

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