22 thoughts on “Running Man PD Explains Why There Are No Nametag Ripping Anymore

  1. This is pretty old so no one on the comments know this, but haha has said that every member has gotten herniated discs and gone through some back surgery for it. They arent as fit as they used to be for these games.

  2. X to Doubt.
    They're killing the show and that particular game really brought everyones personality out to it's fullest while having fun. Even the staff behind the cameras were laughing and having fun multiple times that's unheard of, I didn't even know that was possible. The whole fucking team was having fun, their work felt like play and that's what made the show do enjoyable to watch. The team took imaginary scenarios bringing it to life; Yoomes Bond, Detectives, Dead Among the Living, Treasure Hunters, Animal Kingdom, Spies and Double Spies, Virus Out break, Super Powers and not to mention the countless other themes. IT WAS GREAT! There was no reason to take it away it already focused hard on the members, bonds that looked a little weak grew strong as if they'd been close friends for years. It was such a healthy environment and even encouraged working out.

  3. The most idiot producer of all time.. SBS has no money to get a quality producer, is it? All kind of excuses given by this PD. He had destroyed many well known variety show, luckily RM still stand strong beecause of the fans internationally supported. Nowaday still unbearable to watch due to all types of boring games material..
    No more water games
    No more mud games
    No more theme park riding games
    No more strong ripping name tag
    No more quality chasing games
    Haiz! Another 3-4 years.. The members are getting older.. When KJK can't run anymore. There is nothing left to watch anymore.

  4. The PDs and Producer slowly killing the show.
    – I find it really boring the latest episode. I really like the old members, I am only watching episode where Gary is still there. I miss the Monday Couple😣

  5. Nametag is a must at least once for every 4 episodes. It doesnt need to be rough. It can be made by all the caster need to find a clue and solve a problem. Before its lead to who they should eliminate at the final game.

  6. Running man and the cast were known as the most athletic celebrities because of their title of name tag ripping. They are recognized by many as strong competitors even by pro athletes itself. So why remove it when it is what made them popular? I don't understand. Srsly, everytime I watch them do the ripping it gives me goosebumps and made me proud when they face strong personalities and win over them

  7. Understandable. Maybe the hosts needs rest. All that running over the years has scheduled their health a bit. But I hope they bring it back again. Even if it means, bringing in new folks from time to time to switch up. Im more bored of the new guests. Maybe cus I miss the old and I cant relate to newer guests. But I will continue to watch when I can. 2011-2015 was a great era though. I still rewatch them.

  8. With or without ripping nametages it doesnt matter, check eps.225,237for exmpl,its still worth wihout ripping nametages..
    The matter is too much diffrncs on rm nowadays oncept, 20min or even more for opning segment its so boring,the mission just sit, eat and too much talking,and less action,Its not running man anymore.
    Im understnd ,its dilema of rm nowadays, the rm members getting old and has limitation, probably the PD's cant put 'run missions' because of it,but if u change the members to the fresh one, its not runningman.

    Sorry for my english..

  9. Why don't he use the fund for overseas projects to bring back the old running man? ☹️ He's just wasting the money at overseas without any fun. I wish, the old members leave running man and enter a new variety show which can focus on their abilities more and not only in their lucks.

  10. To the new PDs of running man, please dont waste what the old PDs did for the past few years. The games before are so exciting not just only for the members but also for the viewers. Cant you see those smile of song ji hyo this past few weeks in each episodes? Maybe she feels boring and not excitement same as the other members. They’re smiles are very different now. And that is so sad for us. Maybe you are trying to make the show exciting just like before but for the viewers, it is more exciting if you bring back the old running man games that the members did for several years. I really love running man but the episodes now a days are really boring.

  11. Tbh, even without the name tag elimination, the old pd manage to make the old episodes enjoyable & interesting.

  12. I respect the new PD's idea as thinking of this as a time for them to rest these past 8 years ,but at least sometime make them do it once in a while, for the sake of the nostalgia and the fans, i miss the Sparta Moments and betrayals by the members in name tag ripping . #RUNNINGMANFIGHTING!! ,would be also nice to invite Song JongKi, Lizzy, Gary as Guest in Running man for a special Episode. The nostolgia of them being a member of the show. <3

  13. Its like when you have a new boss replacing your trusty old boss and he thinks that he knows it all and changes everything without the opinion of others. I personally like the old episodes way more, but i understand the running man crew is getting older and have many injuries behind the scenes. Still i prefer the nametag ripping, even the chinese version running man have nametag ripping. >_<

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