10 thoughts on “WWF No mercy review GAMEPOW! MASTERS”

  1. @robotfreshpies nope please dont get excited to easily and think before u type.

    best 3 wrestling games ever

    1) Here comes the pain
    2) know your role
    3) wwe no mercy

  2. @GamePowMasters cheers aye yer guess it can't really be helped the most annoying thing was that when i got it everything was unlocked then like 2 plays later it was gone 🙁

  3. @TheEvanator1000 That was actually a problem with certain models of the 64. I have an older Japanese 64 It never gave me a problem. When a friend wanted me to bring my game to his house I put my cart in his system and lost everything…

  4. this game was great but never saved any data very well even with a control pak so unlocking characters was hard as fuck

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